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Tomorrow 25th June you can buy my book IF YOU LOVED ME -A STORY OF LOVE,  LOSS AND A CAT CALLED LEONARDO for 99p/99c  Don't miss this one day opportunity.

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Thirty-five years later the telephone rang in Andrea’s seaside bungalow. Expecting it to be her vagabond son calling from Asia, Africa, wherever, she answered with a cheery ‘So finally you’ve decided to call me.’
‘You what?’ The voice was not that of Jason but a stranger’s, tinged with a trace of Cockney.’ I didn’t know you’d been waiting this long.’
            She met her puzzled face in the mirror. ‘I’m sorry?’
‘Freddie Weston,’ the voice continued.
‘Freddie Weston.’
Andrea ‘s hand was poised to put the receiver back on its rest. ‘I think you have a wrong number.’
‘No,’ the voice persisted ‘I don’t think so. You are Andrea I take it. Andrea Caulfield as was?’ 

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For a limited period I am giving free copies of my ebook IF YOU LOVED ME. Just go to my website and join my mailing list to teceive your free copy. Don't miss this opportunity!

Cat talk

I have to say, as time goes on with this seemingly interminable lockdown I am beginning to act more and more like my cat, Sheba. Sleep is a delicious escape from the same old routine of every day. My cat Leonardo hero of my new book If You Loved Me has the same idea, that and eating delicious food and dreaming of future adventures.

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Nothing wrong with being old fashioned when it comes to reading books. Nothing wrong with preferring the scent of a new book's pages. I am working on creating a paperback version of If You Loved Me -a story of love, loss and a cat called Leonardo. It should be up on Amazon later this week. Watch this space.

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If You Loved Me - a story of love, loss and a cat called Leonardo went live today non Amazon. Why not take a look?

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