The longer I venture into the world of cats the more amazing I find their variety. It is clear that anyone who wants to home one of the many breeds would do

well to study their overall charscteristics. The recent spotlight shone on the Bengsl, for example, has proved my point. Unaware of what they were taking on

the unfortunate cat has beenpassed from home to home until it ended up in a rescue centre. Bengals have a highly developed hunt/kill instinct thanks to

their wild cat heritage. They are also extremely territorial and woe betide any normal sized domestic cat that strays in its path. It is probably wise to train

such felines to walk on a harness and lead rather than allow it to roam the neighbourhood and menace moggies. Friends who own two Siamese cats report

that one was almost killed by a Bengal and have resorted to keeping their pets indoors. Maybe it is time to cool this passion for owning a 'wildcat'! 

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