Primrose (Congress Theatre 2009)

What kind of woman hands round sweets at her husband's trial for multiple murders? Did Primrose Shipman deny to herself that her beloved Fred was capable of killing on a spectacular scale? In ‘Primrose’ Jennifer Pulling dissects the relationship of this odd couple As their life together is unraveled and the ties that bind revealed, one tantalising question remains unanswered: if she knows more than she admits, what monstrous kind of loyalty is it that protects a mass murderer? The playwright shows us that nothing, not even life and death, can be wholly defined, even monsters are vulnerable. Says Jennifer: ‘The motive for murder is always intriguing and never more so than in the case of the Doctor of Death. In the play I present what I believe lay behind this man’s mission to kill. But it is the psyche of the person who supports a partner’s dark deeds which really interests me.’


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