Monet's Shadow

Monet's Shadow


Ever since Judith Goldstein arrived like a shooting star to disturb the peace of painter Claude Monet’s household, (Jennifer Pulling’s Monet’s Angels) readers have wondered ‘what happened next?’ Now the author and playwright has come up with the answer in Monet’s Shadow. In this sequel, Claude Monet’s spirit continues to cast its shadow over his famed house and garden. It is 1937. Isabelle Goldstein, a beautiful young American, arrives in Normandy’s Giverny, determined to discover her mother’s secret. Monet’s stepdaughter, Blanche, feels threatened by these consequences of a past when her special relationship with her stepfather was undermined. She will do anything to prevent the Goldstein secret coming to light, knowing it will destroy several lives. Old passions are revived until finally Blanche is reconciled to her ill-fated love affair. Expat American artist, Robert, triumphs in protecting Isabelle from romantic disaster, when once he tried and failed Judith, her mother. As the shadow of World War Two lengthens, life becomes one of survival. The Normandy countryside is bombed to a wasteland and Robert and his Jewish friend, David, come under Nazi threat. Blanche, struggling to preserve her beloved house and garden, finds solace in her painting. . In Monet’s Shadow, the water lilies’ peace and beauty prevail over the destruction of war and Blanche rediscovers her life’s true meaning.

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