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Research is an important part of the writer's work. In writing Monet's Angels I did hours and hours of research in order to make the story believable. the book begins in 1913 and I needed to be sure details were historically correct from the clothes my heroine, Judith, wore, to the car Robert drove and, of course, there was much research into impressionism and gardens, Claude Monet's twin loves. Google is a wonderful tool for this but you have to be careful. It is all too easy to become engrossed in a particular subject and find yourself an hour later still reading round it. Also, like an iceberg, only a small portion of your research will show. It is best to be selective and use on a few pertinent details at a time to 'flavour' the story rather thsn deliver huge, indigestible chunks. 

Writing tips for today

When planning your book leave a question mark about the ending. It has to be earned by all that will go before it.

Always carry a note-book.  The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea for ever.


Writers have a huge advantage. Whatever they experience in life, the good and the bad, can be squirreled away and used in their work. So the holiday didn't come up to scratch, it rained on that long plznned picnic, conversely, there was a wonderful unexpected meeting as you walked along the seafront in today's autumn sunshine. Nothing is wasted it will emerge, sooner or later, in your work.

Taking writers to the next level

You are a dedicated writer or you wouldn't be reading this. You are probsbly confident in the genre you've chosen but you also feel you'd like feedback and constructive criticism from people who are friendly and supportive. If this is you, I'm inviting you to a series of workshops commencing this November. We'll meet in the welcoming atmosphere of Toast by the Coast, Shoreham by Sea with the joint aim to raise your writing to the next level.

Taking Your Writing to the Next Level - One to One Creative Writing Session with Jennifer

Want to write your first novel or perhaps have finished and need help with your synopsis?

Looking for a creative writing course in Sussex or Hampshire or online?

Not sure how to overcome writer's block?

If ever there was a time to write that novel or finish the one languishing in a drawer it is now in the time of Covid. Why not book yourself for a one-to-one session with Jennifer and benefit from her expert and constructive advice? Drawing on her long experience in publishing she will help you overcome writer’s block, understand the dynamics of plot vs. character, the balance of show and tell. Self-publishing has become a serious contender to mainstream and she can help you through the process. Book your slot for a one to one writing session and start on the road to success.  

To book your place or for one to one writing sessions, please contact Jennifer here.

A Pride of Writers

We had a true soiree last night: a warm fire, wine and delicious nibbles while each one in turn read out their work. What a treat of all kinds of writing from a beautiful poem about Keats to the story of a beauty queen manqué. There was guitar playing and singing, too. As I sat there I thought how wonderful it is when a group of people get together and create such enjoyment...the pleasure of conversation and creativity. i was pleased to have the opportunity to read the first chapter of my 'Monet' novel and to feel I was going in the right direction. Today I tried to come up with a collective description for a group of writers and decided on a pride. You have to be lion hearted to keep on writing and also to read your work aloud.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

I am now steaming toward the end of my first draft of my 'Monet' novel. It has been hard work but so enjoyable living in 1912 with all that wonderful food and clothes, flowers and sunshine. Now comes the nice bit of planning my return trip to Giverny and plan the publication. April should be so beautiful there with riots of beautiful spring flowers. What an inspiration it was to me. How marvellous the mind that can come up with stories.


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