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We had a true soiree last night: a warm fire, wine and delicious nibbles while each one in turn read out their work. What a treat of all kinds of writing from a beautiful poem about Keats to the story of a beauty queen manqué. There was guitar playing and singing, too. As I sat there I thought how wonderful it is when a group of people get together and create such enjoyment...the pleasure of conversation and creativity. i was pleased to have the opportunity to read the first chapter of my 'Monet' novel and to feel I was going in the right direction. Today I tried to come up with a collective description for a group of writers and decided on a pride. You have to be lion hearted to keep on writing and also to read your work aloud.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

I am now steaming toward the end of my first draft of my 'Monet' novel. It has been hard work but so enjoyable living in 1912 with all that wonderful food and clothes, flowers and sunshine. Now comes the nice bit of planning my return trip to Giverny and plan the publication. April should be so beautiful there with riots of beautiful spring flowers. What an inspiration it was to me. How marvellous the mind that can come up with stories.


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