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Ear Wigging

Are you like me and can't resist ear wigging on other people's conversations. You know the scene: you are sipping a flat white in a cafe or riding on the top deck of a bus and you hear the most astounding or funny remarks:. 'so, I'm going to dye my hair bright green'  'you'd never believe what he keeps in that toolshed of his'

As a writer, this could set the imagination working and might spark the idea of a story.I wrote a play called THE WOMAN WHO WASHED HER KNICKERS after hearing a bizarre remark about 'flying sperm'.

My advice is to carry a notebook wherever you go and jot down these gems. You think you'll remember them, but you won't. Over time you'll collect a wealth of material that will often come in useful when you are think of what to write. 


During the workshop we will discuss the nine rules of writing good dialogue using examples of text and short written exercises including the following:

Dialogue Must Be In Conflict

The two characters should have conflicting goals – one of them wants one thing, the other something else. The underlying tension will be all you need to keep the readers turning those pages.

Dialogue Should Drive the Story Forward

Conversations in the real world often have little or no point to them, with the circumstances of the people involved remaining unchanged at the end.

Fictional dialogue should advance the plot in some way.

Dialogue Should Characterise

Another way of giving dialogue a purpose is adding to the readers’ understanding of a character’s personality.

Dialogue Should Provide Information

Dialogue is one of the best methods there is for getting information across in a bite-sized way. If done well enough, the readers won’t even know what is happening!

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