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Creating a character

There are many ways to create a character that is three dimensional. Description of how they look is just the start. Dialogue is a great tool. How someone speaks gives a lot away about the person they are.  Are they straight to the point or prevaricating? What is their vacabulary? Do they use certain catch phrases? How do your other characters see them? Often, different people will each see a person in a quite different light. What are their habits? Are they slovenly or super tidy to name just two. It's the old business of showing us rather than telling us about them.

A Day for 'Lovies'

The CAA (Concert Artistes Association) resides quietly in Bedford Street, just off the Strand, London. What a place, a welcoming space for 'lovies' who gathered in the delightful Jesters Bar, yesterday. I was among them, having a drink before our Scripts Live! showcase began. The walls are lined with photographs of performers and the talk was mainly theatrical. Martin Cort had assembled a group of us, all members of his Drasma group for a public reading of our plays.  Mine, WAITING, was second on the programme. It's a quirky piece, a conversation between a diffident man and a nosy woman in a hospital waiting room. Gradually she worms out of him (I use the term advisedly) that the secret of his svelteness is his friend, a tapeworm. Audience loved it and I preened in the applause. For a writer who spends so much of her time alone, it was wonderful to have such an airing and, together with friends Bev and John, we had a great afternoon.

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