As I was summoned to the bathroom for the second time today by a cat who had decided she wanted to be combed, I asked myself the question of a life without cats. It goes without say that we love them, no adore them, but just for a moment imagine how your life would be without your moggy. For a start you would have more time. A feline can interrupt almost every daily task from cleaning your teeth to printing out s document. Sleep would be more peaceful when you are not pushed towards the edge of the bed or practically smothered by a cat, like my Sheba, who wants to sleep as close to your face as she can. Door duty would be cancelled. Sheba can spend several minutes waiting for the door to be opened, sitting and deciding whether to go out or not, deciding against it and then, just as I turn away, meowing to go out.

Life without cats? I think you know the answer. No way, we couldn't live without them!

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