'I'd love to be like you and have time to write' is a remark I've heard on msny occasions. It seems that, because I am not a wife and mother, I have so much more free time to sit at my desk and write. But this isn;t true. I havr numerous calls on my time during a day: a house to run, a large-ish garden to tend, nutritious meals to cook, washing, ironing...that's apart from a health regime of exercise and caring for my body and mind (no one writes well if they are ill)  And yet, at a certain time of day I say 'Enought' because these are the hours I devote to writing. You might call it selfish or slovenly (there may be dirty plates in the sink and a grubby bath) I call it being true to myself and my art and craft. Anyone who wants to write HAS to allot the time and disciplineto do it and not allow themselves to be  swayed.

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Unleash your imagination at one of my forthcoming workshops, beginners welcome, I take an organic approach which encourages the writer to sift through experience and allow it to compost in the imagination.... read more