The CAA (Concert Artistes Association) resides quietly in Bedford Street, just off the Strand, London. What a place, a welcoming space for 'lovies' who gathered in the delightful Jesters Bar, yesterday. I was among them, having a drink before our Scripts Live! showcase began. The walls are lined with photographs of performers and the talk was mainly theatrical. Martin Cort had assembled a group of us, all members of his Drasma group for a public reading of our plays.  Mine, WAITING, was second on the programme. It's a quirky piece, a conversation between a diffident man and a nosy woman in a hospital waiting room. Gradually she worms out of him (I use the term advisedly) that the secret of his svelteness is his friend, a tapeworm. Audience loved it and I preened in the applause. For a writer who spends so much of her time alone, it was wonderful to have such an airing and, together with friends Bev and John, we had a great afternoon.

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