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Jennifer Pulling is a passionate defender of animal rights and founder of the Catsnip project for a catch/neuter/return policy and veterinary treatment of Sicilian feral cats.

After many stays in Sicily, Jenny remained horrified by the Sicilian local authorities answer to controlling the population of feral cats by poisoning them. She decided, with the help of several American vets and Dorothea Fritz, a German vet who lives in Naples, to organise neutering trips to Sicily. Today Catsnip remains a unique ‘first stop’ for tourists anxious about distressed or sick felines who seek advice and help.

As a writer and journalist, Jennifer has written and had published many articles on her mission to help these unfortunate felines. She has also published an educational book, which she takes round schools in Sicily, speaking to the youngsters about animal welfare and the need for neutering as the ONLY solution for the overpopulation of feral animals.

Jennifer is the Press Officer for Animals Worldwide, an international charity dedicated to preventing the cruelty of animals worldwide, particularly in the main tourist hotspots.


They say cats choose us and not the other weay round. I think this story illustrates that. 

A pregnant ginger cat walked up to a young man who wasn't very fond of cats, but she snuggled up to him and insisted that he take her home.

The friendly stray cat came across a couple and immediately took a liking to the young man. She followed him around, rubbing his legs and wouldn't let him go.

"She was very chatty and friendly, I told my boyfriend it was meant to be because they were both gingers’ he said.

The man realized that the cat had chosen him and wouldn't take no for an answer, so he gently picked her up and placed her in his car.

One day later, she gave birth to four very tiny kittens. The young mother was no more than six months old, and soon they realised that she couldn't produce milk and the kittens weren't looking good.

They tried to bottle feed the babies but due to illness they didn't survive.

The kitty later received life-saving surgery. If it weren't for the couple, the ginger cat might have had the same fate as her babies. After the surgery, she was finally on the mend.

They named her Sunny Bunny Sausage, and the ginger girl crept her way into their hearts. That day, they made her a permanent part of their family.

Dying man allowed to feed horse in hospice

I read this week that a hospice in North Devon allowed an 87 year old man to feed his horse for the last time.

Patrick saunder's bed was wheeled outside so that he could feed his horse carrits and apples. His daughter went to see him and saw him stroking the horse.

Firstly, full praise the hospice staff for enabling this to happen. So many people are dismissive of the bond that humans have with animals, and this horse clearly meant the world to Patrick. Not only that, but it will bring great comfort to his daughter as he father dies to know that he was granted his last wish.

But perhaps even more importantly, people don;t always recognise the bond that animals have with their owners. Studies have shown that animals have a sense of when their owners are ill or are dying, and owners suddenly being taken away can be confusing and distressing fior the animal. Allowing both animal and human to say goodbye can be a comfort all round.

Let's hope that this story sets an example for many others.

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Winter 2015

Big event of this year was the publication of my book The Great Sicilian Cat Rescue, which came out in June. It seems it is already achieving my aims in writing this book: many people have contacted me to say how much they are enjoying reading it and that it has raised their awareness of all the work still to be done to help these feral animals. I have also received some donations, which have all gone towards the winter programme of feeding and neutering. There was a great review of the book in the Daily Mail and articles have appeared in magazines including Closer.

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Spring 2015

Last winter, I had an SOS message from Elke. (the German lady who lives in Sicily and cares for over 100 cats) She had just heard that a cst loving lady had died, leaving behind a dog and 30 cats. She wrote to me:

‘I put dry-food and wet-food in my car, went there and rang the bell, in spite of people telling me not to go, because they think that the son is strange. He came out and I talked nicely to him for an hour. He is very shy, but was extremely happy that I came and brought the cat food. He has no job, but had just enough food for that weekend. But it is a super-sad situation. There are 8 females to be neutered and the animals need food for the winter. I am sorry to ask you if somebody can offer some money for this case, otherwise all these beautiful cats and the dog are risking to die over the winter.’

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Summer 2014

As I often say: ‘If only I could win the lottery,’ then I would have the funds to answer all the calls for help I receive. But thanks to several generous donations I have been able to do a great deal to help the plight of these feral cats.

Earlier this year, Paolina, the lady who is building an animal refuge was enabled to install a water supply and construct enclosures to house the dogs and cats she rescues. I was also happy to contribute to Elke’s store of cat food to see the numerous colonies she feeds through the winter.

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Catsnip Update: October 2016

As Catsnip marks its fourteenth birthday, I have some encouraging news. During my recent trip to Sicily I met up with Valeria, tireless worker with the Sicilian shelter L’Arca where numerous cats and dogs pass through its welcoming gates. Regular readers of my bulletins will remember that Valeria hosted my team when Guy Liebenberg and helpers carried out an intensive week of neutering in the town of Mascali. Our work galvanised the local State vets into action; they are now regularly neutering feral animals, albeit at a somewhat slower pace than ours. L’Arca has also moved into much nicer premises but the struggle to pay all the bills continues. I was able to make a donation towards this wonderful work. During my trip, I was also happy to see far more local people feeding the cats. On the other hand, I had a heated conversation with the owner of one feline: asking politely whether Lorenzo was neutered, he flew into a rage and said it was ‘against nature’.

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